The Ranch

On this family operated ranch, we run 1,500 head of cattle on 25,000 acres – and that means lots of places to ride and lots of cattle to move.The ranch was originally homestead in 1877 by Norwegian immigrants looking for a better life. Today the Voldseth family, which are the fourth and fifth generations living on this land, own and work the ranch. It won’t take you long to see that they chose this area not only for its good water and grasses to graze cattle and sheep, but also for its beautiful scenery. The Voldseth Ranch lies partly in the legendary Crazy Mountains and partly in the beautiful Castle Mountains.Today the Voldseth Ranch actually consists of three ranches: the original TG Ranch, the Loweth Ranch, and the Bonanza ranch.

David and June Voldseth, uncle Norman Voldseth, who is now 97, and Vance and Kim Voldseth are the present owners of the Voldseth Ranch. Even though in a wheelchair from a tractor accident, David shows true grit working every day. June loves calving, fall gathering, and of course riding with the guests in the summer.

In 1993, June thought it would be good fun to add a guest ranch. With the help of David and their children, Sonia, Vance and Laura, it became an adventure they have thoroughly enjoyed.

Vance and Kim live on the TG Ranch and are parents to three sons – Gavin, Tristan, and Brooks. What fun those three boys are, and we love having them so close.

Sonia lives near Queenstown, New Zealand with her husband Grant, and they are parents to two wonderful girls, Skylar and Ruby. Sonia is currently a life coach in Queenstown.

Laura is also married to a New Zealander, Chris, and they own one of the most beautiful farms in the world where they raise 5000 sheep.  They have two adorable sons, Oliver and Elliot, and a beautiful little girl, Eva June.

We are blessed with a wonderful family.

June & David Voldseth

Vance, Kim, Gavin, Tristan & Brooks

Sonia, Grant, Skylar & Ruby

Chris, Laura, Oliver, Elliot & Eva